Making a link

If you put a website address in your store information page or your products, you should make it into a link so customers can actually click it to go to where you want them to go easily.

You can also make a linking button for a paypal payment (how to link images/buttons is further down this page)

Please set any links that leave Cloth Pad Shop to open in a new tab – so that the customer keeps the Cloth Pad Shop page up as well as opening your link.  It’s a courtesy for the benefit of everyone else.

To make a link

  1. Highlight the website address (or word) you want to link
  2. Click the icon that looks like linked chains.
  3. Click on the image of a cog/wheel (Link Options)
  4. Paste or type in the url (website address) for where the link will go to
  5. Tick the “Open in new tab” option
  6. Click the Add Link button to make your link

If you’d like to make a button link Like This!  Click here for the guide on making these, but basically you need to wrap the url/link with code so it looks like


If you’d like to make a button link that looks like the other buttons on the CPS site    Like this     – you need to edit the html code to add the code class=”button” into the code after the url, like this (where the # would be your link/url):

(note: don’t copy and paste the class=”button” code, because for some reason the ” marks are coming up the wrong way around and that will paste with the code and make your button not work properly – so type it in yourself)

If you’d like to make an image into a link, for example to use a payment button or something.   You can do that too.

Example buttons from paypal  Buy now with PayPal (Go here and click “Download a paypal logo” to get more options)

You need to insert the image into your page first – Then click the image to highlight it, then click the edit icon (pencil)

Then in that screen paste in the url/link (you need to include the http://  or https:// part or it won’t work!)

Also make sure you tick the “open link in new tab” option.


You should now have an image that is a link!



The other way to add an image that is linked (although this method isn’t recommended because it does not open a new tab/window) is to do it while you’re in the image upload option – before you insert it into the page you can select to have that image link to somewhere.

In the “Attachment Display Settings” choose the option to “link to” a custom URL.  Then paste your url/link into the space – don’t forget you need to include the http://  (or https://) part or it won’t work!