Shipping & Returns Policy

On your Settings –> Shipping page there is a section for you to define your own shipping and returns policy.  This is shown along with your shipping rates on the Shipping tab on each of your products


This is an important place to note things like:

  • How long you will take to ship an order (if you are not shipping same or next day, please make sure to note this).
  • If you do not ship internationally or will be invoicing separately for International shipping
  • Your Returns/Refunds Policy
  • As well as any other important information about your policies.

If you leave these spots blank it will use the default shipping and returns policy statements.


You are responsible for knowing any applicable consumer laws that will apply to your products or transactions.

Be aware that some country/state regulations will be that consumer rights for items ordered from overseas must comply with consumer laws where the customer resides (to offer them the same protection when shopping online as they have when shopping in their own country/state).

Generally speaking, most consumer laws prohibit false and misleading advertising and are likely to require that a refund be given if there is a major defect that prevents the item being used as intended, or if the customer wouldn’t have purchased the item had they known all the details of the item.

Consumers may also be entitled to compensation if your product causes a problem (which in the case of cloth pads – if you were to advertise a pad as being for heavy absorbency, the customer leaked through it onto a white sofa and it could be proven that the pad was actually only a “light” absorbency pad – the customer could be entitled to compensation for any damage {cleaning costs} as a result of your product not meeting the claims)

To protect yourself, it is important to make sure your listings are factual and not misleading.  Also that they contain all the important information that customers would need to know when purchasing online.  Which is why the measurements, fabrics and layering is important, and why we have a standard absorbency rating system.

Businesses are entitled to refuse to sell to a customer, so long as this is not due to their race, religion or gender.  So you are within your rights to cancel a customer order if you feel they are troublesome, or if you have oversold a product or any other reason not related to their gender/race/religion.  To do this, contact admin who can cancel the order.


Click for info on Australian Consumer Laws

Australian consumer law
For “change of mind” situations – where an item is still fit for sale but the customer decides they do not want it any more.  Sellers are not required to offer any form of refund/replacement/discount.

For a “minor problem” (definition unknown), the seller may decide to repair, refund or replace at their discretion.  If the seller fails to do this within a reasonable time, the consumer is entitled to ask for a refund, discount or replacement, or to have the item repaired elsewhere and pass the cost onto the seller.

For a “major problem”, the customer is entitled to their choice of a refund or replacement.  A major problem is defined as:

  • Something that would have prevented the customer purchasing it had they known about it.
  • The item does not do what the seller said it would do.
  • The item is unsafe
  • The item is significantly different to how it was described/shown.

If the customer needs to return the item – if the item does have a problem with it, the customer is entitled to have compensation for the cost of returning it to the seller. If the item is found not to have a problem, the seller is not required to pay for the cost of it being shipped to them.

Click for info on US Consumer Laws

US consumer law
For most states the business can choose their own terms for returns.  In some states however it seems that unless you have clearly displayed your returns policy, consumers are entitled to return goods within 20-30 days for a refund, seemingly even for a change of mind.  To protect yourself it would therefore be recommended to state in your returns policy that refunds will not be given unless the product is defective or required by law.

Other than the above (where some states require a refund policy to be outlined), refunds are not required to be given for “change of mind”, but are required if the item is defective.  I’ve not been able to find anything that would specify whether there is the choice to repair or replace for minor defects as the laws in Australia are.


Customers Requesting Refunds/Replacements for minor imperfections

Some customers may try to coerce you into a refund/discount/replacement for minor imperfections – If your state/country consumer laws don’t require you to refund/replace for this type of thing, then you are not legally obligated to give one.  If you choose to do so (for good customer relations) that is up to you.

If you feel that you are being blackmailed into offering an unfair refund/discount/replacement because you are worried that the customer will give negative feedback if they don’t get their way – you can report the customer to Admin, and they will be added to a list of customers who are known to make unreasonable complaints.  We may also look into blocking them from ordering from the site.

If negative reviews/feedback/ratings have been given for something that is unfair, contact Admin about having them removed.