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“shortcodes” – are what you can use in wordpress to do fancier bits of webcode, without having to type in the normal confusing bits of code to do it.  Cheat codes if you will 😀 The theme we are using (“artificer”) comes with some of these shortcodes to do some nifty things. All of the […]


As of 1st October 2018 the shopping cart facility of the CPS website will be discontinued, so any sales done from the CPS website must have the transaction processed by the vendor.  That doesn’t mean you can’t sell from the CPS site – it just means the website won’t have the shopping cart function so […]

Creating a Product

If you’ve ever used a wordpress blog, making a product is exactly the same as writing a blog post – as our system (Woocommerce) is a plugin for WordPress.   If you’re not familiar with a wordpress blog, this guide will show you how to add a product. The product page has a “Visual” and “Text” […]

Making a Photo Collage

Collages are a great way to group some of your best photos together to use as promotion for your store.  You can also use them to make one image to represent a recent stocking you’ve done, or a series of themed items. There are probably HEAPS of different apps, websites and programs that let you […]

Scheduling, Hidden Products & Changing Sort Order

This page covers Scheduling a product to appear on the site at a certain time – eg allowing you to create products in advance but make them all “go live” (appear) on the site at a specific time “hidden” products – for example creating a custom listing for a particular customer, a “layby” product for […]

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Site-Wide Themed Stockings

From time to time we will have “themed” stockings were all CPS vendors are invited to add products that fit with the chosen theme.  These themed stockings are completely optional, you do not need to participate and there is no set amount of stock you need to contribute.  You can add nothing or 20 pads […]

How to Photograph Pads – backgrounds

This is very important. This will show off, or disguise your product, depending on what you choose. It can also set the tone. Think about something fairly plain itself (so it won’t detract from your product), but is interesting enough not to look boring.   Be aware that some backgrounds work with a pad, some […]

FAQ and Summary

FAQ Store Banner/Logo – This must be added using the “backend” as the upload button does not show up on the “frontend”.  See guide here for how to change the layout to make your store description section look cool. Closing your store for a break – There is no “vacation mode” setting that will close […]

Giveaways & Competitions

A lot of people don’t realise that it’s against the law to run a lot of the competitions and giveaways you see on facebook and around the place. No, the governments can’t even let you freely give stuff away without making it complicated! Unfortunately giveaways (usually considered a “Sweepstakes”) are actually considered forms of gambling […]