Link Buttons

The Vendor store pages don’t automatically create contact and website buttons for us, so we need to make our own. These are the teal coloured buttons you will see on the bottom of some store’s pages, like this:

If you have a website, facebook, etsy store, instagram, twitter etc.  You should use these buttons to help direct customers to your other places (yes, you can even include a link to an etsy store).  At the very least you should put an email one there so customers can email you if they want to ask a question.

To do this, you need to use some html coding.  But don’t panic!  It’s not too hard!!

Choose the code you need to copy and paste from – based on what buttons you would like.  You can create more buttons and link to other things, but these are the most common ones you’d need so I made codes for those.

Clicking those will open a text file.  Select the entire piece of code and “copy” it.  Then “paste” it into the bottom of your “Shop Description” section – using the “Text” view (You may have to click “text” to get to the text view).

This is what it looks like on the “frontend” view:

…except in this example photo there is a space between each line, but in the actual code it all needs to be all together like this:

Once you have pasted the code in, you need to change it to link to your websites.  Here is a colourcoded guide to what parts of that code you need to change:


Once you have made your buttons – Go to your store page and click each one and check that they are all working properly.  If they are – great!  If not, check you haven’t made a mistake with the code.