FAQ and Summary


  • Store Banner/Logo – This must be added using the “backend” as the upload button does not show up on the “frontend”.  See guide here for how to change the layout to make your store description section look cool.
  • Closing your store for a break – There is no “vacation mode” setting that will close your store automatically.  You need to Bulk Edit your products to put them into draft, which will remove them from the store.  I would also recommend putting up a note in your store description (or make an announcement “product”) letting people know you’re closed for a break and when you are coming back .
  • Absorbency Levels  – If your absorbency rating is between levels, eg more absorbent than our layering guide for regular but not as absorbent as heavy, when placing it in a product category it is recommended to place it in the lower category rather than the higher one. If in doubt it is better to underrate and have customers be pleasantly surprised at how absorbent your pad is, than have them find it’s less absorbent than they thought they were getting.


Summary of rules, guidelines & important stuff you need to know

  • Sellers Group – Vendors must join the private sellers facebook group – so you can be kept up to date with any important news
  • Be Quick – Ship orders and communicate with customers as quickly as possible.
  • Be Factual – Do not be misleading or fraudulent in your product listings.  This includes not listing bamboo as being “antibacterial” unless you can provide a lab report proving that there are antibacterial properties in your actual product. Because tests have shown that the claims of bamboo fabric being antibacterial are not true. (for example: https://bioresources.cnr.ncsu.edu//BioRes_08/BioRes_08_4_6501_Xi_Qin_Antibacterial_Perform_Natural_Bamboo_Fiber_4310.pdf).  US stores please also note that the US Federal Trade Commission requires bamboo fabrics to be labeled as “Rayon made from bamboo”, as they consider calling them simply “bamboo” fabrics to be misleading/fraudulent.
  • Lots of Stock – You should maintain a reasonable amount of stock.  You should aim to have no less than 5 products available to purchase – unless there are extenuating circumstances you’ve discussed with Admin.
  • No Sold Out items – Do not leave sold out items in your store as it confuses customers.  Make a promo collage if you want to show some examples of what you do, rather than having products that look like they are for sale but aren’t.
  • Product photos  – must be no larger than 900 x 900 pixels (you will need to edit them not upload directly from a camera/phone)
  • Measurements – Product listings must contain measurements for pad length, flared width and snapped width
  • Fabrics used – All fabrics and how many layers of the core material must be disclosed.  Don’t use abbreviations like “OBV” as some customers don’t know what that is, use the full “Bamboo Velour” name.
  • Pad absorbencies – must be in keeping with our standardised absorbency levels.
  • Layout – DO NOT change the layout of the product listings (if using the “backend” editor where it gives you that option)
  • Fabric Prints/tags – Do not create new “fabric print” words (tags) – choose from the list of already existing words (seller help lists them).  We are using these for a broad collection of fabric prints/colours not every single word that might apply.
  • Custom made –  If the item is made-to-order you must give a timeframe you estimate the item will be completed in.
  • Secondhand Fabrics – If the item is made with secondhand/repurposed fabric this must be disclosed.
  • Facebook – Remember to post in 3rd person (“[YourStore] has added new stock” rather than “I have added new stock”)
  • Product Titles – Ideally keep product titles to 1 line only – we do have code to automatically truncate it, but if your product has a lot of capitals it may make the title become 2 lines instead of 1 – which makes the layout of the site look craptastic.   If that happens please lengthen it to make the automatic truncation kick in, or shorten it to fit in 1 line.
  • Photos  – Should be reasonably square sized, rather than rectangles. No larger than 900×900 pixels.  They should look professional and show off your product well.  Pads should be placed on an angle rather than straight, not taken on floors. If you look at the listings in your store page or the main shop pages – if the top and bottom of the pad are cut off in the photo, then the image is too much of a rectangle.  When we upload photos to instagram and use photos in promotional usage we will select the photos that have an overall balanced look and fit with the sizing/layout we need, so if your photos don’t fit with this, they may not be included.
  • Check your listings  – On the website as the customer would see it.  To make sure they look good – in case something has gone wrong.
  • If using Paypal Buttons – TEST THEM! – Test buying a product to make sure your button works.  Go until you get to the paypal login screen, just don’t login.  If you get to the normal paypal site – the button didn’t work.  If you get to a white login screen, then it probably worked.  If necessary get someone to check by purchasing and refund them.
  • Links – For your website/etsy store/facebook etc. should be made to open in a new tab – otherwise customers will leave the CPS site to go to them.
  • Themed Stockings – Don’t promote the themed stocking until after the official announcement post has been done on our Facebook page.  Products must not be visible to customers until the actual stocking date.  (See more info on this)