Closing your store for a break

Please note that the system does include a “vacation” setting (in your store settings) – which is supposed to display a message at the top of your products to say that you are away.  That is all it does.  Products will still be able to be ordered and your store still remains open!!!!

Our theme doesn’t display this message!!, so there is no point using it!

If you want to set a vacation message, letting people know you are away – do that in the “Store description” and it will appear in your store page.  You can use the shortcodes (mentioned in the Store Description Page) to make a post-it-note looking message or an alert box to make it more obvious.  However customers will only see that if they go to your store page, if they just find your products via the categories or “shop” view (that shows all products), they may not know you are away.


Closing your store for a break
If you want to close your store for a break so that you don’t get any orders – you will need to change each product so that they don’t appear on the site.  You can do that easily using the bulk edit option in the “backend”

Tick the box at the top of the list of orders to select all the products on that page

Then select “edit” from the bulk options menu, and click “apply”

Choose to either make all the products “Draft” mode or “Hidden”

This will stop your products showing up for customers and that will prevent them being able to order anything from you while you are away.