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Shipping & Returns Policy

On your Settings –> Shipping page there is a section for you to define your own shipping and returns policy.  This is shown along with your shipping rates on the Shipping tab on each of your products   This is an important place to note things like: How long you will take to ship an […]

Making a link

If you put a website address in your store information page or your products, you should make it into a link so customers can actually click it to go to where you want them to go easily. You can also make a linking button for a paypal payment (how to link images/buttons is further down […]

Link Buttons

The Vendor store pages don’t automatically create contact and website buttons for us, so we need to make our own. These are the teal coloured buttons you will see on the bottom of some store’s pages, like this: If you have a website, facebook, etsy store, instagram, twitter etc.  You should use these buttons to […]

Seller Info & Store Description

The Store Description area is where you can customise the look of your store page, with photos, links and whatever content you like.  The Seller Info area is shown in product pages.  Both of these are set in your store settings area.  It is advised to do this on the “backend” editor as you have […]

Setting Store Details Checklist

When setting up your store details it’s all pretty straight forward and pretty quick. Steps to set up your store: Click on “Settings” on the black menu bar in the Vendor Dashboard Store Name – will already be filled out for you (if the word “store” is after it, just remove it) Fill out you […]

Vendor Areas

There are 2 areas you can access your store information, products and details. Depending on what task you need to do, you may be able to use either area, or only one may give the access you need. The “frontend” Vendor Dashboard is accessed via the “Vendors” link in the top menu of the website.  […]


Displaying Country Information

Because CPS may have vendors from all over the world, it may be confusing to customers who order from an International vendor and aren’t expecting the longer shipping time.  Indicating which country your store is located in will help customers know this important detail when ordering. Also the alternative options for selling from your CPS […]


Adding a button to your listing

This allows you to create a clickable button in your listing  That you can use to direct customers somewhere. To use it as a way a customer could purchase a product from you – you could make the button link to a “” link that will direct the customer straight to paypal to pay you.  […]


How to create Paypal shop buttons in your CPS listing

This allows you to be directly paid from a CPS listing page, with a nice “buy now” or “Add to Cart” button that makes the listing look like a normal shop item – without involving the CPS cart! You will need a paypal BUSINESS account to create paypal buttons, the option is not available on […]

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