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How and Where to promote your store

Cloth Pad Shop will never get as much traffic (and therefore sales) as somewhere like Etsy.  That doesn’t mean CPS can’t be successful, it just means that you may have to work for it.  But as with most things in life, you get out of it what you put in. The benefit of promoting your […]

Product Titles

Due to the way the products display on the site, they look better when the product titles are all nicely aligned.  So to keep this nice layout, we need products titles to ideally be one line only (and product images to be square). We have code added to the site that will automatically cut off (truncate) […]

Photos not uploading the right size

By default wordpress often displays a smaller version of your image – So don’t be alarmed if you try inserting an image into your description and the image is tiny 🙂 When you upload an image, there is the option to select what size it will display as on the page (The actual measurements of […]

“Fabric Prints” AKA “tags”

We are using  the “tags” system as “Fabric Selection” instead.  This creates a cloud of words that customers can click on to look for a specific fabric print or special fabric type.  Such as “purple” to look for purple pads, or “fantasy” to look for fairies/mermaids etc. As such – we need to keep this cloud […]

Resizing Photos using comes with Windows 7 (May come with other versions of windows too), or can be downloaded for free. I’ll show you here, step by step, how to resize product photos. Step #1  – Open the photo.  You may be able to “double click” on the photo to automatically open it in  Otherwise click the […]

Resizing Photos

Why can’t you just upload from your phone? As reference – photos straight from your phone/camera, may be around 3000 x 4000 pixels !!!!    So around 2 to 3 THOUSAND more pixels than needed.  To give you an idea of how large that actually is in real terms – it’s about a movie poster size! The […]

Product Photos

Keep ’em Square!!  &  Keep ’em Small!! I really cannot stress this enough – BIGGER IS NOT BETTER!  😛 For the best performance on the site images MUST be: Mostly Square in size (Your primary product photos must be squarish – exact squares are not needed, but don’t use definite rectangles.  Additional gallery photos you […]

Store Categories

The categories help customers narrow down what they are looking for, so being accurate with your chose of categories helps customers not have to wade through products that aren’t what they are looking for. . Category Definitions (Some of these categories may be removed if no longer needed) Breast (nursing) Pads – Fairly obvious (absorbent pads […]

Closing your store for a break

Please note that the system does include a “vacation” setting (in your store settings) – which is supposed to display a message at the top of your products to say that you are away.  That is all it does.  Products will still be able to be ordered and your store still remains open!!!! Our theme […]

Paypal Protection

Paypal are notorious for siding with a customer in a dispute.  There are also the occasional problems with any online selling where the customers can try to scam you by saying the items never arrived and file a paypal dispute to get a refund. Paypal’s requirements for proof of shipping are: So Signature on […]