“Fabric Prints” AKA “tags”

We are using  the “tags” system as “Fabric Selection” instead.  This creates a cloud of words that customers can click on to look for a specific fabric print or special fabric type.  Such as “purple” to look for purple pads, or “fantasy” to look for fairies/mermaids etc.

As such – we need to keep this cloud efficient and not too big.  Only 45 words can display at any time, so having more than this is not much point.

We need to consider how they are used across the ENTIRE STORE by every seller, and what would provide the most convenient shopping experience for customers.  This is to help them find fabrics they will like.  Using them for things like “pul” that already have products categories for are pointless.   Clicking a colour and finding that most the pads shown barely contain that colour will be annoying for customers.  We want to keep it as neat and clean, and easy and efficient to use as possible.   Less is more!

At the moment there is no way to stop vendors creating new ones (this ability will hopefully be changed in an upcoming update), so until that happens we have a policy regarding the use of these fabric print words to try and make sure they are only for specific things that a customer would be likely to want to search for.

Video on how to add “fabric Prints” (tags) in both the frontend and backend


To select Fabric Print theme words, type only the first 2 letters of the word then stop typing.  If you type the whole word then you may be creating a new word that isn’t already in the list – DON’T DO THAT!  Only type the first 2 letters!   A list of the available words will appear:

“Backend” view …………………………… “Frontend”  view

Then select the word you want to use from the list that comes up (by clicking it), and it will appear in the box.


In the “frontend” editor, once you have selected the word from the list, it will appear in a grey box.  That’s all you need to do!

In the “backend” editor each word you have selected from the list will have a comma after it, and you need to click the “add” button to actually add them.  Once you’ve added them they are shown below (with an X which removes them if you click it).  Here you can also click the “choose from the most used product fabric prints” and it brings up a list for you.  Just click the words you want to use and it adds them for you (easy!)



If you end up with a tag that is just the first 2 letters of the word, then it means you just clicked the “add” button without actually selecting the completed word (backend), or you selected the 2 letters instead of the actual word (frontend).


If a word doesn’t already exist  – DO NOT CREATE ONE  (If you really need it, message me on fb or send me an email to ask).


Available words you can use:
animals, aquatic, athletic-jersey, birds, black, blue, cartoon, circles, custom-knit, fantasy, floral, food, geeky/fandom, geometric,
green, halloween, hand-dyed, hemp, holidays, love, minky, nature, orange, organic, paisley, patriotic, pink, pop-culture, purple, rainbow,
red, retro, sherpa, space, spooky, sports, spots, stripes, suedecloth, teal, tiedye, vehicles, velour, vintage, windpro, yellow, zorb

You’ll notice that cotton, flannel, pul are not on this list.  That is because those are very common – almost all of our pads will have have those fabrics in them – so those won’t narrow down a product search. “hemp” however is allowed because fewer pads will be made from hemp, and some people may want to specifically look for pads with hemp.

“zorb” is allowed but not a “bamboo” (because the majority of pads use bamboo).  There is “windpro” for that specific type of fleece


Things to remember!

  • We are using this to help customers find what they need.    Try to make sure you use this system in a way that is helpful to customers!
  • Use the fabric print word only if there is a reasonable amount of that colour/theme in the fabric.  – If your print has a tiny bit of yellow in it (like the centre of a flower) please don’t use “yellow” in your list of fabric themes – because someone searching for “yellow” probably wants more yellow in the pad than a centre of a flower – so it just making it more difficult for customers to find what they are looking for if this system is not used efficiently!
  • To avoid having a million words in the list, we are using general terms.  So instead of specific words like “moon” “suns” etc. – we use a broad “space” term.   Instead of “violet” or “lilac” – we use “purple”. Instead of “unicorns” and “elves” and so on, we use “Fantasy”.
  • There is a search box on the site people can use as well!!!!!   If you want to have search terms in your product listing then you are welcome to use whatever search terms you like within the description of your product, to use words in the way tags are usually used.


To keep the Fabric print list efficient for customers, words will be modified or removed if they are deemed to be obvious or unnecessary descriptors.