Product Titles

Due to the way the products display on the site, they look better when the product titles are all nicely aligned.  So to keep this nice layout, we need products titles to ideally be one line only (and product images to be square).

We have code added to the site that will automatically cut off (truncate) any product titles over 25 characters long in the main shop, vendor store and category pages of the site (Still shows full title in the product page).  As this is the usual length before it switches to 2 lines. The character count also includes spaces. The cut off words will be replaced with “…”

So you can make product titles (pretty much) as long as you want them to be, as it’ll get chopped off if you make it too long – but be aware it’ll get the chop, possibly in the middle of a word, and looks nicer if you keep the titles short enough not to get chopped.  Also because capital letters are wider than lowercase ones, a product title will sometimes go to a second line before hitting the 25 character cutoff.   If you can make sure all titles stay on a single line, it makes the site look better.  Sometimes rewording the title and not using capital letters for every word will make it fit in with the 25 characters better and stay a single line.

Short and concise titles work best on the site.  For example “20cm cherry blossom pad” would be fine, whereas “20cm Regular Cherry Blossom Pad” would display as “20cm Regular Cherry Blos…”  – which has a cut off word that doesn’t look as nice.  But “20cm reg cherry blossom” will fit in 1 line.  You don’t need to specify it’s a pad since the photo will show it’s a pad, and we’re a cloth pad site after all 😉

In your admin screen you should see the truncated titles the same as in the shop view – so you should be able to see you have any titles being shortened and what they get shortened to –  but make sure you check the shop view from time to time so that you can make changes if your words get chopped off in ways you don’t want.

If you use symbols like – & ~ * in the titles, they can get truncated before reaching 25 characters (this is because in webcode those symbols are actually a string of numbers, which makes the system count the title as being longer than you see it as) – so keep that in mind. (brackets are fine though)

The customers will click the photo to view more details on the product anyway, so you don’t need the title to try and say everything about your product.