Displaying Country Information

Because CPS may have vendors from all over the world, it may be confusing to customers who order from an International vendor and aren’t expecting the longer shipping time.  Indicating which country your store is located in will help customers know this important detail when ordering.

Also the alternative options for selling from your CPS store listing don’t allow for different shipping charges to different countries, so you may like to display a clear notice if you will not ship internationally – to hopefully stop customers ordering if they are outside your country.

The first suggestion I would make is to  display your country by adding a small flag icon into “gallery’ images section.  We have a simple flag image you can add to do this, or you can create your own.


It would look like this when used:

The second suggestion would be to add a “Box” shortcode to the listing to make it clear if you do not ship Internationally.  To do this you need to manually type in the code as shown below (You can customise the wording)

Or you can use the additional style options to change the colour or icon of the box

You can choose which type of box you want and type in the code for that type.  The stuff I have in pink, you can instead use whatever wording you want in that part.  But the black writing needs to be exactly as shown.

“Type” defines the colour and icon of the box.

“Style” defines if it has “rounded” ends or not

“Border” defines if there is a full border or just top/bottom

Box if you don’t define any style or type
Rounded box with full border
“Info” box (rounded)
Tick box
Download (rounded, full border)
“Alert” box (full border)
“Note” box
If you want to get super creative you can even put your own little flag icon inside the box!  You can use the link code to the icon you want to use (for example a small flag image) to show that in the box.  To give a little space between the flag icon and your message, you might want to put a few extra spaces in (I used 4 here) before your message.  Like this:

    Ships to Australia Only!

Here’s some tiny flags you could use.      (Right click and copy the url for the image, then paste that in as the icon url)