29cm Base and Insert Set


Adjustable “Base & Insert” cloth pad with PUL – suitable for regular to heavy flow.

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Length:  Approx 29cm Long
Snapped Width: 6-6.75cm (2 settings)
Absorbency: Adjustable – Regular (1 insert) or heavy (2 inserts)

Base Topper (Skin side): Black Suedecloth
Inserts: 2 layers flannelette (Trifold)
Waterproofing: PUL
Backing: Cotton

  This product can be shipped to Australian addresses only!
This product is available to purchase directly from the PrideAF website, until stock runs out.


This set includes a waterproofed base pad, with 2 removable foldup inserts that sit on top of the base (tucked into the pocket ends).  This system allows you to use 1 insert for regular flow  (with 2 insert changes per set) or use 2 inserts together for heavy flow.

This style of pad is good for those who experience gender dysphoria as they look less like a typical pad and the inserts look like they could be just a face-washer.

PrideAF is an inclusive environment where you can buy LGBTQ+ pride/support related products such as badges and flags as well as non gender based menstrual products.


I wanted to create an accepting and inclusive space for people to buy reusable cloth menstrual pads. I have noticed that when buying pads (or other menstrual products) whether they are disposable or reusable ones they always tend to be heavily marketed towards women and usually refer to their customers as such. I understand that this can make some who menstruate but aren’t women uncomfortable and dysphoric. I wish to try and eliminate this gender based marketing from my products. As well as being inclusive of all who menstruate I also aim to make cloth pads that are less “feminine” in shape and patterns for those who do not wish for their pads to be “feminine”.

I also offer general LGBTQ+ pride related items such as badges and flags for anyone wanting to show their pride/support.

-PrideAF’s owner Kai