Heavy Flow Set

5 Medium, 3 Large/Overnight, 2 Ultra Overnight, 1 Super Ultra Overnight

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5 x Medium: 27cm long, 8cm gusset width when snapped
3 x Large (Overnight): 33cm long, 8.3 cm gusset width ”
2 x Ultra Overnight: 36cm long, 9cm gusset width ”
1 x Super Ultra Overnight : 42cm long, 8.5cm gusset width ”

Medium: 55-80mL / 6 Layers
Overnight: 75-110mL / 6 Layers
Ultra Overnight: 85-130mL / 6 Layers
Super Ultra Overnight: 120-180mL / 7 Layers

-Made out of 100% certified organic cotton, top sheet and internal layers
-TPU(Thermoplastic polyurethane) coating outer layer
-Recyclable plastic snap fastener : 1 standard snap

Organic Certified by Control Union
hannahpad Sanitary Cloth Pads
100% Organic Cotton Top Sheet & Internal Layers
Certification Number : CU834958
Label Grade : OCS100
Made in Korea

(Inc. 10% GST)

hannahpad is a non-toxic menstrual cloth pad made in Korea and distributed by Sabaku Co. Pty Ltd in Australia and New Zealand.

hannahpad was originally established in 2005 focused on providing a healthier, safer, eco-friendlier menstrual alternative to conventional disposable pads. It is now the time to spread hannahpad globally so more people can have access to washable organic cloth pads for their menstruation, pregnancy, postpartum and light incontinence requirements.

Made from certified organic cotton for both internal layers and top sheet (the side that touches your skin) in a range of beautiful floral patterns on the external layer that is also leak proof with a special TPU coating, you’ll find hannahpads soft and comfy to wear and surprisingly easy to wash.

The time is now to change to a natural alternative to protect your health and planet Earth!

Healthy You, Happy Planet.

Find out more about hannahpad on our official website: www.hannahpad.com.au 

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