Moon Box

Cloth Pad Shop’s Moon Box is a deluxe service that will send you a package of lovely cloth pads and other goodies!

Build your stash with custom made pads – while also getting yummy treats, a little magazine to read and extra goodies! Pamper yourself, make a lovely gift for a friend/relative or help a young woman prepare for Menarche!

If you have a question that is not covered here, or would like clarification on anything, please contact us.

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We offer several types of pack –

Custom Single Month – 1 pack in your choice of fabric print themes.
Custom 3 month Subscription – 3 x monthly packs in your choice of fabric print theme.
Themed Single Month – 1 pack in our chosen theme for the month.
Special Themed Single Month – 1 Limited edition pack in a theme, with extra goodies

Each Pack includes:

3 x Custom Made Cloth Pads – “All-in-One” (standard style) pads made to your specifications based on the length and absorbency you select.

Edible Treat pack – You deserve a treat each month!  so we’ll include a few yummy things to brighten your day! This may be some lollies or chocolates and a herbal tea or hot chocolate sachet etc. When you subscribe please notify us of any food allergies you have and we will do our best to accommodate them.

Goody Item – Each pack will have a different “goody” in it.  This might be a wetbag, pad drying strap, stain remover stick, facial wipes, keyring or something else.  This handmade Goody is valued at approx $5.

Moon Box Magazine – A small magazine/newsletter featuring content such as helpful tips and advice for reusable menstrual products, new recipes to try out, stories and jokes from the Cloth community and more.

We also offer a “Styles” pack that includes 4 pads instead of 3.  The pad styles included are:  
Foldable Pads – Pads with a foldout section for faster drying
Ai2/Base&Insert Pads – A base pad with absorbent inserts that sit on top
Pocket/envelope pads – An empty pad case with absorbent inserts that fit inside
Boostable pads – Pads that can be worn on their own, but have boosters for added absorbency

If you have any allergies or food intolerances that we should be aware of (for your free gift or little treat), please state these in the “Allergy” box when you subscribe.

Variety of Pad Brands for you to try 

Your pack will include different pad brands to give you a chance to sample pads made by different pad makers. We will maintain a list of which pads each subscriber receives, so that we can make sure you get a nice variety each time.

We try to make sure that each pad you receive is from a different padmaker, however depending on the type of pad you have ordered and which padmakers we have available in a given month, this may not always be possible.  For example some of our padmakers do not make pads over 28cm, so if you have selected pads in the 30-35cm size range, you will not receive pads from any padmakers who do not make to that length.

The “Styles” pack does not have the same variety of padmakers available, as only a few of our padmakers offer these styles of pad.  The padmakers currently making pads for the Styles pack are Daisy & Bird, Gypsy Heart, Noonee Wilga, Obsidian Star and Scarlet Eve.

We offer several pack types, so that you can choose pad lengths and absorbencies to suit your needs. Since different pad makers offer different lengths of pad, you are unable to select a specific pad length, however we offer 2 length range options for each subscription option, to help provide you with pads of a suitable length. In the “Notes” section you can specify that you would prefer pads be at the shorter or longer end of the range.

Each pad will come with a small tag attached that gives information on which pad seller made that pad, what the absorbency is and if it has PUL in it. In addition, each pad seller will have a care & instruction sheet available on this website, to give you any further details about their pads and any washing instructions.

“Light”– This pack has 3 Pantyliners/Light-flow pads. These pads may be suitable for light flow, spotting, menstrual cup backup or everyday freshness. Depending on your particular needs. Our definition of “light” means that these pads have the equivalent of 1 layer of natural fleece core (bamboo/hemp/cotton) in their composition. You may also choose to have PUL in these pads or not, at no extra charge.

“Regular” – This pack has 3 Regular (medium/moderate) absorbency pads. These pads may be suitable through most days of your period or for mild stress incontinence. If the pads have PUL, they may be suitable for heavy days if changed regularly. Our definition of “Regular” means that these pads have the equivalent of 2 layers of natural fleece core (bamboo/hemp/cotton) in their composition. You may also choose to have PUL in these pads or not, at no extra charge.

“Heavy” – This pack has 1 Regular and 2 Heavy absorbency pads. These heavy absorbency pads may be suitable for heavy days, overnight use or for mild stress incontinence. Our definition of “Heavy” means that these pads have the equivalent of 3 layers of natural fleece core (bamboo/hemp/cotton) in their composition. You may also choose to have PUL in these pads or not, at no extra charge.

“Mixed” – This pack contains one of each absorbency pad (1 Light, 1 Regular, 1 Heavy), and would make a great stash builder pack. Allowing you to try one of each absorbency type.

“Styles Pack” – These packs will introduce you to the 4 main styles of non-AIO cloth pad. These pads are suitable for a medium to heavy flow, as all the pads will be adjustable up to a heavy flow absorbency. The option of PUL is included.  With this pack you get 4 pads per month, instead of 3 as with the other packs.

The packs are all posted on the 30th of each month (If that date falls on a public holiday or weekend, it will be posted on the closest business day). Depending on your location you should receive it within 2-5 days (regional areas and QLD/TAS/NT may have longer transit times)

Your first pack will be posted the following month after you subscribe.  For example, if you subscribe in August your first pack will be sent on 30th September, and you’ll receive it in the first few days of October.


Why so long? – On the 1st of each month our team of padmakers start making the pads for the packs that were ordered the previous month. These are then sent to our team member who photographs them and packages them up with all the other goodies, ready to send out on the 30th of the month.

We need an entire month to allow our padmakers time to make the pads (they are very busy sewing for other customers and their own stores too!) and to allow transit time.  This month wait time ensures everything is ready and packaged by the end of the month without causing too much stress for our padmaking team.

An exception to this is any special themed (eg Halloween or Christmas) that are celebrating on a certain date.  Those packs are posted earlier in the month so that they arrive before the special date.  Details on when orders for those need to be made by, and the shipping date for those will be included in the information on those packs.

Some examples of packs we have made for our subscribers:

MMMM_07July_Example4  mmmm_08August30_example4

mmmm_09Sept30_example_style2a  MMMM_10Oct15_Example1

MMMM_2016_April_Example1  mmmm_08August30_example2


Terms & Conditions

Please make sure you have read through the Information, so that you know how this service works. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

When you subscribe to this service, your order will be processed and a pack will be designed for you. The orders for the pads for your pack will be given to the padmakers on the 1st of the month. Your pack will be posted to you on (or around) the 30th of that month. (If the 30th is on a weekend, your pack may be posted a day before or a day after). Depending on your location, you should receive your pack between the 1-7th of the month. If you cancel the subscription after a pack has been packaged for you, you will not be able to be refunded for that pack.

We will send all packages via an Australia Post tracked satchel, to provide proof of postage and a tracking number should be automatically emailed to you once the package has been lodged. Cloth Pad Shop nor any individual pad makers connected to this service will be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs during transit. However if there is a problem, we will work with Australia Post to try to rectify this to the best of their ability.

We will post your pack to the address listed in paypal or entered into this site when purchasing. You must make sure that the address listed in paypal when you subscribe is your correct address. If you change your address, you must change this within your paypal subscription so that we have a record through paypal of your new address.

Paypal will automatically bill you each months subscription, for a total subscription length of 3 months for the AIO packs, or 2 or 4 months for the Styles pack (depending on which one you have selected)). After this, your subscription will stop, and if you would like to continue receiving the packs (we hope you will!), you will need to subscribe again. You can cancel the subscription at any time, however if you cancel the subscription after the pack has been created for you for that month, we will be unable to refund your payment for that month.

This subscription service is for “mystery” pads – as you are unable to select the actual pads you will receive. We have options for you to select when subscribing, to help us tailor the pads to your needs. While we endeavor to make pads you will love and find useful, we are unable to accept returns or exchanges for any pads or other items in your pack.

It is your responsibility to order pads that suit the type of flow you have. Our usage of the terms “Light”, “Regular” and “Heavy” in relation to the absorbency level of pads, and the associated fabric layering to achieve these levels is based on a standard system used by many padmakers. While we do our best to make a good product, we cannot guarantee pads will not leak or that they will be a perfect fit for you. If you choose not to have “PUL” (polyurethane laminated fabric, used in the cloth pad industry for “waterproofing” or “leakproofing”) in your pads, be advised that your pads may have no leak-resistance at all. You may request leak-resistant synthetic fleece in the notes, however this will only be provided if the padmakers have this fabric in stock (not all of our padmakers offer this option)

If you have a faulty item, or are unhappy with the pads in your pack, we encourage you to contact the padmaker who has made that item (Each pad has a label that will let you know who made it), and resolve the issue with them. Please also contact us to let us know of the issue, so we can make sure that it is resolved for you.

Please be aware that the surprise goodies, samples, treats and other such items cannot be exchanged or refunded. We hope you enjoy your extras, but if there is anything in your pack you really do not like, please let us know so that we can make a note not to give you those items in any future packs.

If you have any allergies/intolerances or other factors that could cause issues with items that may be sent to you in your Moon Box pack, you must let us know when you subscribe so that we can make a note of this and exclude them from your packs. Where possible we will substitute these items for something that will not be a problem for you, but we cannot guarantee that your pack will contain the same amount of items if we are forced to omit things. Please note however that all food items are stored together (so there may be a risk of cross-contamination) and the pads may have been made or stored where there are pets such as cats.

Examples of potential items that may be included in the packs (but are not limited to): nuts, chocolate, coffee, lollies, herbal teas, soaps, candles, soy wax melts, mineral makeup, lip balm, body/facial care products.

By subscribing to this pad subscription service, you agree to these terms and conditions

We may amend these terms and conditions at any time, and will notify all subscribers by e-mail if we do.

When choosing your fabric theme options, the following is a list of what types of fabric prints might be used for that theme. When selecting a fabric for your pads, the padmakers may consider all your chosen options to pick a fabric they feel suits your chosen themes best.
  • Fabric Print Themes
    • Florals & Feminine – Paisley, flowers (stylised or realistic), floral batik, pastels etc.
    • Rainbow & Colourful – Rainbows, multi-coloured, bright prints, batik, tie dyed etc.
    • Geometric shapes and lines – Stars, spots, diamonds, stripes, chevrons etc.
    • People & characters – Cartoon or realistic individuals or characters, Geisha etc.
    • Animals & Animal skin – Animals, birds, insects, animal skin prints (eg leopard) etc.
    • Modern & Pop culture – Prints depicting modern trends (eg tv shows), “retro”, “funky” etc.
    • Fantasy & Magical – Fairies, mermaids, wizards, dragons, unicorns etc.
    • Goth and Dark – Skulls/skeletons, Halloween prints, vampires, dark/spooky fabrics etc.
  • “Likes” and “Dislikes”
    Use this space to tell us what colours you like or don’t like, and any fabric related things we need to know about. For example if you don’t want Minky or synthetic toppers, or if you love butterflies or roses, let us know here.
  • Synthetic or Natural
    While most of the pads you will receive will have a cotton or flannelette top – some special pads may have other toppers. Use this to let us know if you want only natural fibres, or if you are happy to have synthetics.
  • “Synthetics ok as a topper” – Fabrics such as luscious Minky can have a “stay dry” effect where the blood is wicked away to the core leaving the top feeling drier. As well as being more stain resistant. Select this option if you are happy to have a synthetic topper.
  • “Synthetics only as backing” – Fleece fabric as a backing can provide a slip-resistant backing, and some fleeces may offer a small degree of leak-resistance compared to a pad with no synthetic fabric backing. Select this option if you don’t want a synthetic top, but are happy to have it as the backing.  Please note that this option means you *might* get a pad with synthetic backing, but you might not.  If you definitely want a fleece backing please let us know in the notes section.  Our padmakers do not offer “windpro” waterproofed fleece and only some offer fleece backing.
  • “No Synthetics” – Select this option if you do not want synthetics as a topper or backing on your pads.
  • “No Preference” – If you don’t mind either way, select this option. If you’ve never tried a synthetic option and would like to, please mention this in the “notes” section.
  • PUL – PUL is a “breathable waterproof” fabric that provides a leak-resistant barrier in a cloth pad.  You can choose to have this waterproofing material included in your pads or not.  Please note that pads will not be “leakproof” unless PUL is added, so please be sure that you have ordered pads that are suitable for your level of flow, especially if you choose not to have PUL in them. Depending on the padmaker this may be the backing of your pad, or it may be a “hidden” layer inside the pad.