How to shop on Cloth Pad Shop

Cloth Pad Shop is an online store featuring individual traders, many of which are Work-at-home, who have gathered together to form a website to showcase our products and make it easier for customers to find good quality handmade cloth pads from reputable padmakers.

In the store view, each product displays the Vendor name above the “Read More” button so that you know which Vendor is selling that product.  Clicking on their name (or their logo in our store directory) will take you to their store area where you can see all the products they have available.  Clicking on the “Read More” button will take you to the product page for that item.

When you shop on this website, you will be purchasing directly from the vendors – either via the use of embedded paypal buttons or by being directed to purchase from their online stores.

If viewing the site on a mobile device, the store categories selection will show at the bottom of the page.  Clicking on the “Main Navigation” will bring up a menu of information pages and links to our social media sites.  If viewing the site on a laptop/desktop computer the categories and store list will appear on the side of the screen for easy shopping.

Cloth Pad Shop simply acts as a platform to help Vendors sell their products.  As such, any questions you have about a product or an order should be directed to the Vendor you purchased from.