Site-Wide Themed Stockings

From time to time we will have “themed” stockings were all CPS vendors are invited to add products that fit with the chosen theme.  These themed stockings are completely optional, you do not need to participate and there is no set amount of stock you need to contribute.  You can add nothing or 20 pads if you wish, completely up to you.

For example we might have a “Pirate” theme stocking, so anything to do with pirates, boats, piratey colours or the ocean would be appropriate.  When we decide on a theme we can discuss what sort of fabric prints will fit with the theme.  We certainly don’t expect vendors to go out and buy fabric for every theme, so if you don’t have a fabric that will be suitable you aren’t obligated to participate.

We will decide on a theme on our secret facebook group.  These might be seasonal themes (Halloween/Xmas etc.) or themes relating to Tv shows or other things we think customers might enjoy.  We will try to give about a month’s notice, perhaps longer.  But occasionally we might decide to do a stocking with short notice.

Participating in these stockings helps promote CPS as a whole, as well as making it exciting for shoppers. We do have some guidelines on promotion and uploading products for themed stockings however, to make sure it’s kept as fair as possible for all vendors.

Secret Surprise Stocking – Don’t reveal the theme!
The themed stockings will all be kept secret from customers until we make an official announcement to reveal the theme.  By popular vote, this reveal will be 4 days prior to the actual stocking date of the themed stocking, and the official announcement will be made by Admin (or chosen representative)

Once the official theme reveal announcement on our public FB page, Vendors may then share that post or create their own posts to announce and promote the theme on their own pages/groups and other public groups.  We want the first reveal announcement to be done on our CPS fb page because that’s our official page, we want to make sure our page likers are first to see it, and we want to announce it at the right time.

No mention of the theme or promotion of the theme is allowed before this official announcement has been made.  However you may mention that there is a “secret themed stocking” going to happen, but don’t give any more details than that, and don’t tell anyone what date.


After the Announcement
When the official theme reveal has been posted on the CPS page/group – you can then share that post to your own pages/groups or write your own posts.

Since we’ve already announced the theme, please don’t post an additional promo post advertising just your products on the CPS FB page, as this will create too much extra “spam” for the customers.  We have over 25 stores, so if everyone also posted their advertising as well as the official one, it would be too much.  You can however COMMENT on the official theme post to add up to 3 photos of items you will be including in the stocking (please remember to either post in 3rd person if you are posting as CPS, or change your settings so that you are posting as yourself)


Wait for the Date – No premature releases 😉
Unless otherwise specified, the stocking times will be any time from 12:01am AEST (GMT+10) on the stocking date.

This time is when your products are able to be shown on the store.While you may upload your products before this date/time (and it is recommended to do so)  you MUST have them “scheduled” to be published at the correct stocking date, or you must set them to “draft” and manually publish them on the stocking date/time – so that they do not show on the site until the actual stocking date/time.

Remember that the site is set to AEST (GMT+10) and does not change time for daylight savings time.  So the stocking needs to be set using the site-time which may be different to your local time!

You must not have your stock showing to customers before the exact stocking date/time (You can add them after this time, but not before).  This is to ensure that all vendors get a fair chance of having their products displayed to customers.   If a vendor lists their products earlier, they gain unfair advantage from having their products being the only themed ones on display – and this is unfair on all the other vendors.