Making a Photo Collage

Collages are a great way to group some of your best photos together to use as promotion for your store.  You can also use them to make one image to represent a recent stocking you’ve done, or a series of themed items.

There are probably HEAPS of different apps, websites and programs that let you make picture collages – I know a lot of people use pic collage. But for those on PC (and this might work on mobiles too), I found a free, easy to use one that gives some great layout options,  and doesn’t put any branding onto your collage!   So I’ll do this guide using this.

Go to


Start by selecting the size the image will be.  If you’re making images for facebook/instagram/CPS then square is best and I’d recommend going with the 800×800 option.

Then you can “Add images” to load in your images.

If you want to use their fancy design layouts, after adding your images, go to the “template” menu and select which design to use.  It will automatically place all your photos into the selected pattern.  Any leftover images will show up down the bottom, and you can choose to delete or swap those.

To swap images, click on the “swap them in” (in the red bar that will come up), you then click on the image you want to replace and the image you want to switch with it.  You can do this for ones in the pattern and ones down the bottom. If you click on the image and lose that red bar with the swap option, just select the template again and it will reappear.   Once you’re happy, click “cancel” in that red bar and that will turn off the swapping option.  If there are spare photos you want to delete, click them to select them, then click the bin icon

If you’d rather make your own layout you can simply drag the photos around, you can drag them larger or smaller and rotate them.  Click on an image and you’ll see squares in the corners.  That shows you’ve selected that image.  Hold your mouse button down while moving it around allows you to drag the photo around.  Holding the mouse on one of the corners and dragging will let you resize the image smaller or larger.

If you’ve chosen a layout then by default your images may be cropped or scaled to fit within the sizes of those images, if you click on “more” then go to “shape and size” – you can choose the shape of the images, the colour and thickness of the border, and if you tick the “keep aspect” box that means the image will display without being cropped (and you can drag it to the size you like)

To set a background image, click on “Collage” and select “Set background”  – There are a few background designs to choose from, or you can upload your own or set a plain colour.  I’d recommend choosing the plainest background option, especially if you have a lot of images – because when you need to save the file to upload to CPS you’re limited to an image under 300kbs – so the more colours your image uses, the less detail the overall image will have once you save it.

The zebra option is funky

(if you want to use the CPS background, you can download a copy of it here)

When you’re ready, click “file” and select what sort of file you’d like.  To make a file small enough to load to CPS, you need to use “Save as JPG”  (the other options make an image that is too large in filesize).  If you’re saving it to upload on instagram or somewhere else then go for the .png file – as it will make a better quality image (but much larger filesize)

If you want to get more creative, there is an “edit result” option under “collage” that lets you do extra things to the finished picture, like add text and frames and things.  Or once it’s saved, you can also open it up in a graphics program and edit it further to add more text or a logo yourself.  Here I’ve added my logo to the centre in my graphics program after downloading the saved image.