Handmade = Imperfections
Cloth pads and other handmade items will have some minor imperfections due to the fact they are handmade and not mass produced by machine.  This is to be expected.  Vendors are under no obligation to refund, discount or replace items for a normal level of “handmade” imperfection.

Order Timeout & Payment Methods
Orders placed on this website are “pending” until payment has been made.  Only after payment has been made will your carted items be allocated to you.  For OOAK and popular items, it is recommended to checkout and pay for your order promptly to avoid missing out.  Unpaid orders are automatically cancelled after 24 hours if payment has not been made.

If you wish to pay for your order with a payment method other than paypal – contact the vendor prior to ordering to discuss what other payment options they offer.  You will need to complete the transaction off the Cloth Pad Shop website, as we can only process paypal payments.

Due to the personal nature of cloth pads, returns will not be accepted unless required by law or the vendor decides to offer this voluntarily.  Returns/refunds/discounts will not be offered for “change of mind” or if the request is due to a failure to fully read the product listing.  Where minor imperfections will not impede the function of the product, vendors are not obliged to offer a refund/replacement/discount.  For cases of a major defect, where the product cannot perform as advertised, the vendor will be required to address this issue in accordance with applicable state/federal consumer protection laws.

Vendors are encouraged to make sure their product listings give as much information about the product as possible, to help make shopping easier.  If you are in doubt about an aspect of the product, please contact the vendor before purchasing, to discuss your questions.

Ratings system
Cloth Pad Shop uses a ratings system where customers can leave a review on items they have purchased.  While the ratings system is an important aspect that allows customers to leave honest feedback, it is not to be used as a way to coerce vendors into giving refunds/discounts/replacements for situations where the vendor is not legally required to offer one.  Admin reserves the right to delete ratings that are believed to be abusing the system.

Vendors Right to Refuse a Sale
Vendors are within their rights to refuse or cancel a sale.  Vendors may choose to cancel a sale if they believe the transaction or customer will be problematic.  Cloth Pad Shop reserves the right to take measures to prevent customers from placing orders if there have been sufficient vendor complaints to warrant such action.

Shipping prices shown at the checkout are a combined shipping cost for all the items in your cart.  These generally include the actual cost of shipping plus packaging materials and other related expenses.  If you have ordered from more than one vendor, each vendor will have a shipping charge added at the checkout (unless they offer free shipping), as each vendor will ship their portion of your order.  As our shopping cart charges a shipping price per product (rather than on the whole order), the actual cost of shipping may be lower than the shipping charge the cart has added together.  Vendors are encouraged to refund excess shipping charges if this happens.

Orders will only be shipped after payment has been received in full (echeque payments require 3 working days to clear). Each vendor may have their own shipping policy which should include any turnaround time before orders are shipped.  “Custom” (made-to-order) orders will take longer to process, as they will need to be made for you then shipped. Please see the individual store policy of each vendor regarding this, or contact them for an estimated timeframe. If you have not received your items after a reasonable time (allowing for at least 2 days to process the order as well as transit time), please contact the individual vendor you purchased the items from, if you are unsatisfied with their response, please contact

If you wish to purchase multiple items from the same vendor, please do so in the one order rather than placing multiple single-product orders (unless the vendor specifically requests otherwise).   Vendors are not required to combine or refund shipping costs for multiple orders.

When you place an order with us, your details are contained in an internal customer database within the shopping cart system. Customer details will only be used for completing the transaction. Newsletter subscriptions are strictly in a customer opt-in basis (you as a customer sign up for it if you wish, we will not automatically add you), and you may unsubscribe at any time. Your details will never be given or sold to anyone. If at any time you feel your privacy has been invaded, please contact

Cloth Pad Shop holds no responsibility for injury, harm or health problems suffered by use of the products sold on this website, or by use of this system (online store). Product descriptions and any claims made therein are created by and are the sole responsibility of the individual vendors.  Each vendor is responsible for their own products and shipping of their orders.  Please contact the individual vendors if you have any questions specific to their products.

The absorbency levels given for cloth pads are a guideline only, and it is the responsibility of the customer to ensure that they are buying pads that will best suit their own needs, and to change pads regularly enough for hygiene reasons and to avoid leaks.


By placing an order on Cloth Pad Shop, you agree to these terms and conditions.