Scarlet Eve caters for most women’s menstrual needs. From Tiny pads, which are for everyday use as a liner, right the way up to Uber Long pads, which are for women with heavy bleeding (post-partum, night time). Scarlet Eve specialises in ‘flip-out’ pads – where the inner absorbent hemp/bamboo fleece core is able to flip out of the pocket end of the pad. This enables more thorough washing and faster drying, so you can wear them again sooner. There are All – in – One pads that have less absorbency, such as the Mini Pad and the Curvy Pad. And some non-PUL options as well.

Scarlet Eve stocks two brands of Menstrual Cups – the Juju, which is Australian made, and the Lunette cup which is made in Finland and comes in several gorgeous colours.  Both cups are highly regarded by those who use them.

There are a few other things that Scarlet Eve provides, including wet bags, bulk half-dozen sets, trial packs, breast pads, goddess beads and Menarche Gift sets for New Women.

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