Paisley pads make our once a month unwelcome friend welcome; with your choice of personalised comfort and fun prints, designed specifically for you.  I make a variety of sizes and absorbencies to suit different flows from light to super heavy flow and postpartum. I use cotton elastane knit for the outer layers for super soft pads that feel like underwear, heavy Bamboo fleece for the absorbent layers and all pads come with a hidden leakproof layer of PUL.

Paisley pads have a snap system for easy pad absorbency indication:

*White snap = light flow
*Green snap = moderate/regular flow
*Orange snap = Heavy flow
*Red snap = super heavy/overnight

If you don’t see anything in stock that suit your needs or if you like a certain pattern but I don’t have it in stock in the absorbency you are wanting, I am happy to make to order :)
Feel free to pop over to my Facebook page  and browse in stock fabrics if you would prefer to have some made just for you.

All paisley pads have a hidden leakproof layer of PUL.
8″ pads (20cm)ideal for teens, liners or if you prefer a smaller pad
10″ pads(25cm) if you prefer a bit more coverage
12″ pads (30.5cm)for overnight, super heavy,postpartum

Light: (liner/light flow)1 layer of heavy bamboo fleece
Regular: (moderate flow) 2 layers of heavy bamboo fleece
Heavy: (heavy flow) 3 layers of heavy bamboo fleece
Overnight/super heavy: 4 layers of heavy bamboo fleece

Payment through this website is by Paypal only, though you do not have to have a paypal account. Direct deposit is accepted, however  you will have to email me your order through at

*Shipping is charged at $3 per item (un tracked and at your own risk) unless insurance is marked, or until a total of $8.50 is reached, where  your order will travel via  tracked parcel post.

**shipping is capped at $8.50**


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