Cloth Pad Shop’s Moon Box is a deluxe package of lovely cloth pads made by different padmakers, with tasty treats and other goodies!

Build your stash while also getting yummy treats, a little magazine to read and extra goodies! Pamper yourself, make a lovely gift for a friend/relative or help a young woman prepare for Menarche!


Each Pack includes:

3 or 4 Cloth Pads –  “All-in-One” (standard style) cloth pads made by 2 different padmakers, to give you the opportunity to try different pad brands.

Edible Treat pack – You deserve a treat each month!  so we’ll include a few yummy things to brighten your day! This may be some lollies or chocolates and a herbal tea or hot chocolate sachet etc. Please note these may contain gluten & dairy.  Please notify us if you have any food allergies.

Goody Item – Each pack will have a different “goody” in it.  This might be a wetbag, pad drying strap, stain remover stick, facial wipes, keyring or something else.  This handmade Goody is valued at approx $5.   Themed packs (Boho/Fantasy/Steampunk/Halloween/Xmas) have additional goodies in the pack theme instead of the handmade goody item.

Moon Box Magazine – A small magazine/newsletter featuring content such as helpful tips and advice for reusable menstrual products, new recipes to try out, stories and jokes from the Cloth community and more.  Themed packs do not have the MoonBox Magazine.


We offer several pack types, so that you can choose pad lengths and absorbencies to suit your needs.

“Light”– This pack has 4 Pantyliners/Light-flow pads. These pads may be suitable for light flow, spotting, menstrual cup backup or everyday freshness. Depending on your particular needs. Our definition of “light” means that these pads have the equivalent of 1 layer of natural fleece core (bamboo/hemp/cotton) in their composition.  With PUL waterproofing.  Length is between 20cm and 25cm (approx)

“Regular” – This pack has 4 Regular (medium/moderate) absorbency pads. These pads may be suitable through most days of your period or for mild stress incontinence. They may be suitable for heavy days if changed regularly. Our definition of “Regular” means that these pads have the equivalent of 2 layers of natural fleece core (bamboo/hemp/cotton) in their composition. With PUL waterproofing.  Length is between 25cm and 30cm (approx)

“Mixed” – This pack contains one of each absorbency pad (1 Light, 1 Regular, 1 Heavy), and would make a great stash builder pack. Allowing you to try one of each absorbency type. With PUL waterproofing.  Length for “Light” pad is between 20cm and 25cm, “regular” is between 25cm and 30cm, and “heavy” is 30cm+ (approx)

Some examples of packs we have made:
Please note these packs were done when we had multiple padmakers contributing to the packs and made 3 pads per pack.  We now include 4 pads per pack in our light and regular packs, with all pads being made by Noonee Wilga and Obsidian Star.





Terms & Conditions

Please make sure you have read through the Information, so that you know how this service works. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us

We will send all packages via an Australia Post tracked satchel, to provide proof of postage and a tracking number should be automatically emailed to you once the package has been lodged. Cloth Pad Shop nor any individual pad makers connected to this service will be responsible for any loss or damage that occurs during transit. However if there is a problem, we will work with Australia Post to try to rectify this to the best of their ability.

We will post your pack to the address listed in paypal. You must make sure that the address listed in paypal is your correct address.

You cannot choose which pads or other items are in the pack you receive, you will receive the pads that go with the theme as described in the listing for the pack you purchase.  We cannot except exchanges or returns on cloth pads or other extras in your pack for safety/hygiene reasons.

Our usage of the terms “Light”, “Regular” and “Heavy” in relation to the absorbency level of pads, and the associated fabric layering to achieve these levels is based on a standard system used by many padmakers. While we do our best to make a good product, we cannot guarantee pads will not leak or that they will be a perfect fit for you.

If you have a faulty item, or are unhappy with the pads in your pack, we encourage you to contact the padmaker who has made that item (Each pad has a label that will let you know who made it), and resolve the issue with them. Please also contact us to let us know of the issue, so we can make sure that it is resolved for you.

Please be aware that the surprise goodies, samples, treats and other such items cannot be exchanged or refunded.

If you have any allergies/intolerances or other factors that could cause issues with items that may be sent to you in your Moon Box pack, you must let us know when you purchase so that we can make a note of this and exclude them from your packs. Where possible we will substitute these items for something that will not be a problem for you, but we cannot guarantee that your pack will contain the same amount of items if we are forced to omit things. Please note however that all food items are stored together (so there may be a risk of cross-contamination) and the pads may have been made or stored where there are pets such as cats.

Examples of potential items that may be included in the packs (but are not limited to): nuts, chocolate, coffee, lollies, herbal teas, soaps, candles, soy wax melts, mineral makeup, lip balm, body/facial care products.

By purchasing these pad packs you agree to these terms and conditions



Moonbox is closed for a holiday break.

Reopening early Feb!

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