Welcome to Luna Darling!

My name is Tara and I make modern and comfortable cloth menstrual pads! I have been making my own cloth pads since 2008. Luna Darling pads for eco-conscious ladies who don’t want to compromise on style. I have always found cloth pads to be so much better than store-bought ones, as they are softer, don’t retain as much heat and of course you get to collect the best prints!

My pads are all-in-one, so you can wash and wear them without fussing. I have three different levels of absorbency inside your future pads:

  • Liner: One layer of heavyweight bamboo fleece
  • Moderate: One layer medium weight hemp terry, one layer medium weight bamboo fleece
  • Heavy: One layer medium weight hemp terry, one layer of heavy weight bamboo fleece, one layer of cotton flannelette throughout the entire pad

***Australians pay no more than $3 postage!***

You’re welcome to email me with any questions at lunadarling@clothpadshop.com. Happy shopping!

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