Hi, I’m Karina, the maker behind House of Chaos Creations. I’m a stay at home Mum of 4.

I have a love for all things handmade and specialise in Reusable products including cloth menstrual products. I have been sewing since I was 8, when my Grandmother taught me how, so deciding to take one of the skills I love paired with items that I love was a no brainer.

I sell ready to ship items, but I’m always ready for a custom if theres something you like but it is the wrong size or shape for you. You can find me in my group on Facebook, where ill take your custom order and run group orders. The link is below. Custom orders generally take a week or so to complete but may take upto 4 weeks for completion depending on how busy my home life is at the time. Thank you for your understanding

I use an array of fabrics for toppers, such as Cotton Lycra, Bamboo Fleece, Bamboo Velour, Minky, Woven Cotton, Cotton Velour, Flannel, Frech Terry & Brushed poly (forgive me if I miss one, theres just so many), A mixture of flannel and/or bamboo fleece for cores and anti pill fleece for backers. PUL can be requested for custom orders at no extra charge. My pads are simply just snapped together around the underwear, the side with core stitching faces your body.

Total GSM for my pads:

  • Liner, 140
  • Light, 400
  • Moderate, 640
  • Heavy, 1000
  • Super/Overnight/Post partum, 1500


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