Every woman deserves some hidden luxury and using a gorgeous cloth pad is like having a hidden secret no one knows about except you. Her Rhy

thm cloth pads allows you to feel comfortable, classy and most of all empowered.

The reason I truly love making these and want to share them with all womankind is to help them reconnect with their bodies. Women have been conditioned to disregard, suppress and complain about the very thing that make them a woman. Moontime for us ladies is rarely something we give much consideration or respect to, often we complain when it arrives and throw away any evidence of its presence, like it’s something to be ashamed of.

I want women to embrace and welcome their period and I feel that indulging in some beautiful cloth is a perfect way to do that, helping in the acceptance of when our time of month comes along, making it special and so much nicer ♡

A beautiful and natural way to welcome, embrace and even look forward to your sacred monthly rhythm…




Here is a short description of each of the fabric toppers I like to use for my pads :)















Her Rhythm pad absorbency is marked with a coloured heart snap

  PANTYLINER  – For daily discharge or very light spotting. No waterproof layer

  LIGHT –  Suitable as a pantyliner, for cup backup, mild incontinence and light flow.                                      Able to cope with a “regular” or “moderate” flow if  changed regularly.

  MODERATE –  Suitable to use through most of your period.                                                                                 Able to cope with heavy flow if changed regularly.

  HEAVY –  Suitable for Heavy flow, overnight or incontinence

  SUPER –  For postpartum, overnight or super heavy flow

This website only accepts payments through Paypal, however I will accept bank transfer in which you’ll need to email me your order to:

I strive to get orders sent out the soonest I can though the time I need to prepare an order for shipping varies. Turn around for the custom *Made to Order* items is up to 2-3 weeks and RTS (ready to ship) items will be posted within 3 business days

– Flat rate shipping for all orders is $8.50 tracked parcel post.

If only purchasing 1-2 items (unless pads are heavy/super flow) cost is $6 for tracked letter and any additional shipping charges will be refunded

– International shipping is $5 per pad up to 4 pads then any additional charges will be refunded

* Any additional shipping charges will be refunded via paypal

– Due to variance in monitor/screen settings, some colours may appear slightly different to what they are in person.
– I strive to produce perfect pads though I am only human and there may be small imperfections as features of a lovingly handmade product
– Pads with fabric prints may vary in pattern placement a little, making each pad unique
– Unfortunately due to the nature of the product I do not accept returns
– Should you have any issues at all please contact me so we can resolve them asap.


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