Making patterns for ECO- Friendly and Wallet Friendly Reusable items to help us all live a little easier and more comfortably :)
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ALL patterns have been designed by me in shape, and size and were original and exclusive on date of release. These patterns can be used for small home based businesses and charities, as well as just for yourself, so have fun sewing with them. Please do not reproduced, copy, share or resell. These items help support my family, so please don’t take away from them. Also please don’t post links to things unrelated to HBG or Reusable items :)



Part of the love of cloth is their environmental impact! They are so much kinder to our earth then the aproximatly 12000-16000 disposibles a menstruating person might use in their lifetime.
But why shoul the environmental conscientious thinking stop with just the pad itself? What about the paper and ink used for the patterns?

WHY SO PLAIN? Because I want to not only reduce the disposibles used that go into our landfill, I also want to reduce the amount of paper and ink you use by having the pattern and name only, no fancy logos and scales and repetative words that just take up more paper and ink.

Simply set your printer to 100% and print! If you want to check the size, measure the join line, it is the snapped width and if that matches the patterns stated snapped width then your printing has been a success.

Although I do have detailed tutorials and instructions, I do encourage those to be viewed digitally, and not printed.

did your printing go wrong? Draw a line over the error side and reprint on the back of the piece you have used ?

Happy Printing!


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