Gypsy Heart was created out of a curiosity with reusable products. I first became fascinated with MCN – Modern Cloth Nappies when my children were babies, I had previously used the good old flannel flats and my curiosity then moved on the Reusable Menstural products. I made a few cloth pads for myself and the rest is history.

Ive been sewing since i was the age of 8. I love creating the things that my mind dreams of and seeing those things become a reality.

I sell a range of different styles and shape pads and accessories. It is very satisfying to source and choose bright and funky fabrics for you all to enjoy. Cotton, flannel, Cotton Knit fabrics and Bamboo Velour are some of the fabrics i use to make the cloth pads and wet bags.

Because of my firm belief in reducing my eco footprint in my own home and the world I send all my products in minimal packaging and try to reduce, reuse and recycle as much as possible. I avoid the use of plastic and encourage others to do the same.

My family and i live off the grid in the beautiful countryside near Mt BawBaw where we are pursuing a zero waste lifestyle. When you buy a cloth pad you are making a difference in your own home and world.


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