Hi, I’m Lyndsey, the pad creator at Daisy & Bird. I have been sewing cloth pads and accessories for a couple of years now, in my home in Canberra.  I started on this path when my eldest daughter began puberty, and I was really uncomfortable with the idea of giving her disposable menstrual products.  The more I found out about cloth pads, the more I loved them.  Individual.  Pretty.  Quirky. Fandom. Different shapes.  Customised absorbency.  Sustainable.  Less waste.  Less irritation.  More love…. ♥

I have recently branched out into making my own cloth pad patterns, which are available both on Etsy and on my website.

I still make cloth pads and scrundies (very, VERY comfy undies!!) – To keep up with the goings on at Daisy & Bird HQ, join my facebook group .  Patterns as well as ready to ship items are available on my website. If you’d like pattern support, or to show off your newly created pads, I’d LOVE to see them! So please join my pattern group.

I’m really passionate about spreading the good word about using cloth pads… They are SO much better than disposables, both for the woman using them, and for our precious environment. Being engaged with your body and it’s natural cycles is very empowering, and hey – who doesn’t like a bit of panty bling when you aren’t feeling fabulous!?

If you have any questions, please contact me, I’m happy to help.


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