Styles Pack


This is a “Styles” MoonBox which contains 4 pads in different adjustable absorbency styles with magazine & tasty treats.  Approx $57 worth of value!

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The “Styles” pack features 4 different styles of cloth pad.  Designed to be adjustable in absorbency.

28cm Blue star Foldup pad (by Noonee Wilga)

Made from flannelette with PUL backing, this pad unfolds for faster drying.  Additional boosters (not provided) could be used between the layers to increase absorbency.


25.5cm Retro print Pocket Pad (by Scarlet Eve)

Cotton topped with PUL backing.  This pad features an opening on one end where the absorbent bamboo insert can be slipped out for faster drying.


28cm Blue flower Boostable Pad (by Obsidian Star)

Flannelette topped with hidden PUL inside.  This pad features an opening between the top and bottom layers, where additional inserts can be used to add more absorbency, allowing you to boost from a light absorbency pad up to heavy absorbency.


24cm Otter print Ai2/Base & Insert pad (by mishmash)

Cotton topped, this pad features a base pad onto which you can snap the absorbent inserts, giving you 2 pad changes with the one base pad.

Instructions as well as a mini magazine, lollies and other tasty treats are included with this pad pack.

Cloth Pad Shop’s Moon Box is a deluxe package of lovely cloth pads and other goodies!

Each Pack contains:

  • 3 Cloth Pads
  • Magazine (a small magazine [not available in Limited edition themed packs])
  • Surprise Goodie (Could be a wetbag, stain stick or something else – it’s a surprise!)
  • Yummy Treats (something to drink and eat. Intolerances can be catered for)
  • Packaged and sent with Tracked Shipping

From time to time we also offer special edition themed packs – such as Halloween, Christmas, Pop Culture themes and more!

Build your stash and try new pads, while also getting yummy treats (yes, there will be chocolate!), a little magazine to read and extra goodies! This would make a lovely gift for a friend or relative, or help a young woman prepare for Menarche!

To see examples of previous months packs, please see our Facebook page and Instagram.