Mishmash Cloth Pad Pattern/Tutorial PDF size Light Regular 21.5cm/8.5″ and Large 24cm/9.5″

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This pattern is for the making of menstrual cloth pads with an ‘exposed core’ style as made by Mishmash Customs.
It can also be easily used to create the overlocked exposed core style and the AIO style ‘flat pack’ cloth pads.
You are purchasing the pattern and tutorial only.

Sizes included are Light/liner and Regular (finished length 21.5cm or 8.5″) and Large (finished length 24cm or 9.5″)

The files included are in PDF format, ready to print
A basic materials list
Instructions with a step by step photo tutorial.
Pattern pieces for the light, regular and large size cloth pads (8.5″ and 9.5″).
A Care instructions list

Ive also included the new updated tutorial (version 2) which shows a different method of construction.
This tutorial is listed with the new 10.5″ XL and XL flared pattern, which is also for sale.

As the creator of this pattern and the PDF file I am happy to answer any questions.
You are most welcome to use this pattern to sell finished items (no mass commercial use)
Please note that you may not use Mishmash as part of the name or title including the ongoing marketing or selling of your finished products.

When utilizing the cloth pad pattern to sell finished products simply provide a small attribution by linking back to www.mishmashcustoms.com

No redistribution or copying/sharing of files is permitted.
©All rights reserved 2012 mishmashcustoms.com by Daisy Pinks.

Mishmash Cloth Pads are made as either an exposed core or AiO style and are made from the original Mishmash pattern/shape.
The term ‘exposed core’ refers to the core or absorbent part of the pad that is stitched on top instead of hidden in between layers.
This style of pad offers great flexibility as well as excellent comfort and fit with the bonus of making many combinations from a range of materials including minky, cotton, velour (Bamboo and Cotton) as well as Raw silk.
The AiO style pads are light, flexible and very trim. The absorbent core is stitched beneath the top layer.

All fabrics are pre washed (except for synthetics such as minky) to prevent any possible distortions in the finished shape.
Hemp fleece is a highly absorbent fabric, perfectly suited as a core material for these cloth pads.
The composition of the hemp fleece used here is Hemp 55% Certified Organic Cotton 45% and the thickness is measured as 430gsm.
It stiffens when washed and dried but when crumpled up it becomes soft again. It is quite different to bamboo.
High quality soft 1 mil PUL polyester knit is used and is included as a standard hidden layer.
This excerpt is taken from the PUL suppliers website.
“…..1 mil PUL is flexible to work with, not “crackly/crunchy” and less likely to crack or split over time as thicker PULs can be. It also provides a high level of breathability. “PUL” is an ancronym for “PolyUrethane Laminate”. It is a process of bonding two fabrics together with a layer of PU (Polyurathane sheet) to make them seem as one.”

Your item MAY VARY SLIGHTLY from the one pictured due to uncontrollable variants in fabric ie print placement, tie dye colour variation.
All photos are an accurate representation of the final product, however it is possible that colors may vary slightly from the pictured product due to different computer monitors or device screens.
Returns are not accepted for custom made orders or for personal care items because of obvious hygiene reasons but please get in touch if you have any concerns with your order.

RUMP’s are not complicated to use, just wash and dry like any other laundry!
The only rule is to avoid bleach and excessive heat in your wash routine. Care instructions can be found here.