Cloth Pad Shop Code Of Conduct

Businesses listed in the Cloth Pad Shop Directory and those who are CPS Vendors must agree to follow the CPS Code of Conduct – which has been created to promote a safer shopping experience for customers and a respectful community in our industry.

  • Trade with professionalism, honesty, courtesy and integrity.
  • Communicate well (quickly, politely and effectively) with your customers.
  • Ship¬†orders as quickly as possible.
  • Do not be deceptive, misleading or fraudulent in your product listings. (This includes “antibacterial” and “leakproof” claims)
  • Be respectful of other padmakers (Do not disparage other brands).
  • Be courteous to other padmakers (Do not knowingly set out to copy their products for example)
  • Product listings should contain all relevant information customers need to know (Including: pad length, snapped width, fabrics used and how many core layers).
  • Pad absorbencies must be in keeping with our Absorbency Guidelines
  • Conduct adequate product testing before setting up your store, to ensure your products have been tested by a variety of people and are fit for sale.
  • If the item is made-to-order you must give a timeframe you estimate the item will be completed in, and notify customers ASAP if you will not be able to meet that timeframe.
  • If the item is made with secondhand/used/repurposed fabric this must be disclosed to customers before they purchase.