Beveled core tutorial

By Diana
(Used with permission)

This is done in different fabrics and with contrasting thread for clarity. First all the templates. The largest template, with wings, is cut out with seam allowance, the others without.

First take the largest part of the core and lay the next largest one on top, pin. Zig-zag them together, using the zig-zag to bind the edge of the smaller piece. Repeat with the smallest piece

Time to sew it to the top of the pad. Typically I forgot to zig-zag around the whole core to bind it, do that then sew it to the top. Then time to put it all together, pin the top, good side down, on the backing fabric. If using PUL, that layer goes on the very bottom. pin pin pin, …..trim edges

Sew all around the pad, leaving an opening for turning. Trim seam allowances. Turn through opening, make sure you turn in between the two good fabrics so the pul will be hidden

Push and smooth out the pad from the inside, like this, believe me it will look better soon

Pin opening shut like this. Pin around the pad, yes I have a pin fetish

Stitch around pad and the stitch along side of core to stabilize the pad’s shape.