Purchase Packs

We have 2 forms of MMMM Pack available:

  • Subscription” based packs – where you make payment for the pack using paypal, and you receive a pack each month for the duration of your subscription (3 months for the standard “AiO” packs, or  2 months for the “Styles” packs).
  • Once off” or “Single month” packs  – These themed packs are purchased from this website as an individual pack (non-subscription) via paypal or bank deposit.  So you receive 1 pack.

To order your pack, select the pack type from the list and you will be taken to the details page where you may customise your pack options (choosing the absorbencies, lengths and waterproofing options) and order your pack.

Our “AiO” packs are the common type of cloth pad – This stands for “All-In-One” and means the pads are all in one piece and work much the same way a disposable pad does (but nicer and reusable!).  You get 3 pads per month over 3 months in your choice of size/absorbency.

Light”  – 3 small light pads/pantyliners (without PUL)
Regular” – 3 medium sized pads for medium/regular flow (with or without PUL)
Mixed” – 1 “Light”, 1 “regular” and 1 “heavy”. (Reg/Heavy made with or without PUL)

Our “Styles” packs offer the ability to try out different styles of cloth pad – Pocket Pads, Boostable Pads, Foldable Pads and Base&Insert Pads (Ai2).  As there are 4 different types of pad styles we offer, you will receive 8 pads in total over your 2 month subscription.

How to order?

Click on the links in the side menu (or at the bottom of the page on mobile devices) and select the pack you wish to order.

When will I receive my pack?

Your first pack will be posted the following month after you purchased it.  For example, if you subscribe any time during August your first pack will be sent on 30th September, and you’ll receive it in the first few days of October.


Why so long? – On the 1st of each month our padmakers start making the pads that were ordered in the previous month.  As we can get very busy, and the pads need to be collected and packaged – this takes a month. See the information page for more details.